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20 People With an Unusual Look Who Dared to Show It to the Whole World

Some people are easily recognizable in the crowd by their height or their red hair, others are remembered thanks to the unique features they have. For example, one of the characters of our article is unlikely to visit a palm-reader, another one doesn’t need to wear lenses to impress people with the color of his eyes, and the third one got a witty tattoo that enhanced his special feature.

We at Bright Side are ready to endlessly enjoy looking at the special features that make people look unique. We are sure you’ll like it too.

1. “I have a pair of moles that look like an eyebrow piercing.”

2. Jalicia Nightengale has naturally blue eyes and a coloboma that makes her pupil look like a keyhole.

3. Mekhi Lucky has the same thing, combined with heterochromia, which is really rare.

4. “I have 12 fingers and 12 toes from birth. This is me as a baby.”

5. “I was born with a mole earring. When I played basketball, I had multiple instances of referees stopping the game to ask me to remove my earring. One ref even had to feel it to believe me.”

6. “My girlfriend was born without a nail on her index finger. So in response to many requests, we put googly eyes on it!”

7. “My daughter has one streak of very dark hair. Her twin brother doesn’t have it and his hair grows much faster.”

8. “My daughter was born with a perfect 2 on her head.”

9. “I was born with a condition where my right thumb is unable to bend. You can see it by the smooth skin on the spot where it’s usually supposed to bend.”

10. “My limbal ring (ring outside the iris) changes colors sometimes like into dark greys, blues, and purples.”

11. “I have a single line across my palm.”

12. “I can bend my girlfriend’s pinky all the way to the side of her hand.”

13. “I got a tattoo on my fused toes.”

14. “My eyes have rings like tree stumps.”

15. “Finally embracing my vitiligo and white streak after 16 years of trying to hide it.”

16. “I have dermatographia, which means I’m a human etch-a-sketch.”

17. “Sometimes people stop in the middle of a conversation to stare at my eye. I wonder why.”

18. “I have a natural elf ear.”

19. This man looks like a character in a superhero comic book.

20. “Used to get roasted for ’spilling milk in my hair,’ but now it helps my friend group find me at concerts.”

What personal characteristic or appearance trait makes you special?

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