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20+ “Perfect Crimes” That Turned Into Epic Fails

Sometimes even the most brilliant ideas become total failures. But there are certain individuals who believe that they’ve definitely come up with something really ingenious. They believe that their “perfect crime” will actually work and some really do. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with the heros of our selection.

Bright Side would like you to have a look at these 24 photos of heros of who decided to test their luck and failed.

This kid found an easy way to get his toy.

The most interesting things always take place behind the scenes.

When you want to take a cool selfie, but an iPod is the only thing you have:

When your attempt to impress a girl doesn’t work:

Hmm... Nice try, dude!

With a little bit of makeup and imagination, you too can have a 6-pack.

This tire goes best with bread and wine.

Who needs the gym when we have Photoshop?

When you pretend to be flying in a private plane, but the truth still gets revealed:

This guy was acting like he was sitting pool side, but he was really just sitting in a parking lot.

Instagram vs Reality

My girlfriend took a photo of me when I was asleep. Love her.

“Decorating the new house with the wife.”

When you’ve always dreamed of becoming a basketball pro:

Why not take true royal photos?

A deserted swing in the middle of the ocean. Well, maybe, not that deserted.

When your face says you’re unhappy with the traffic, but your glasses prove otherwise:

Another bad day at work.

Boss move!

It seems he’s not the best example to follow.

Just one more step to the summit! Or, maybe to the ground?

“I think it’s time that I stop ordering stuff from Ali Express.”

Another breathtaking spot that looks cool in photos

When you know exactly how to make your parents do whatever you want:

Have any of your friends ever been caught creating their own perfect crime? Tell us in the comments below.

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