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20 Perfect Pictures That May Make Your Jaw Drop to the Floor

“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.” This quote belongs to Michelangelo Buanarroti. And while we can’t quite argue with this titan of art, we still believe that sometimes, out of sheer coincidence and thanks to a little effort, things manage to fall into place perfectly.

At Bright Side, we love anything that brings joy. So how could we pass up this photo collection that successfully embodies the meaning of “perfect”?

Gardening goals

Rocks at the beach

Blackbucks eating from a bowl

Aligned shoe and escalator stripes

Making the world a better place

“One of my greater achievements in life”

The way these boxes are organized

Whole Foods’ placement game is on point.

“My friend’s cookie jar”

This top row of hangers is top notch!

A jar of quarters

Different leaf colors over the seasons

A snowy street in Iceland

Never seen that before!

Water mirror in Bordeaux

The way her clothes mix with the surroundings

Gum packaging

A pyramid of apartments in China

8-bit avocado

The design of Grammichele, Italy

Which one of these pictures gave you relief from the regular chaos of the world? Be sure to share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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