20 “Perfect” Ways to Start a Monday Morning

The aura of Monday mornings is perfectly readable on the faces of people around us, but according to research Mondays are not the worst days of the week, Tuesdays are. As Albert Einstein said, “Everything is relative” and maybe you think that you’re having the worst morning of your life, but a sense of humor helps in every situation.

Bright Side found 20 pictures that show “perfect” ways to start your Monday morning.

1. Do you have a fancy toilet seat?

2. Hey... We have a problem.

3. What is going on?

4. This is what happens when you have a porcupine as a pet:

5. We told you...

6. Just give me some veggies.

7. He will always remember this day.

8. Well... I got a manicure yesterday.

9. Not the best day...

10. Be right back, going to buy a new toothbrush.

11. He found a cozy place to sleep.

12. Good morning...

13. Blonds are out.

14. Bon appetit!

15. Never give up.

16. Happy wedding day!

17. Hope you have insurance...

18. Glass vs Porcelain

19. Is this even real?

20. Hey, Tim! Let’s take a selfie!

Do you like Monday mornings? Which day of the week is your least favorite?

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