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20+ Perfectly Placed Googly Eyes That Made the World “Br-eye-ghter”

Some people don’t wait for someone to cheer them up. They do it themselves! You don’t need a lot to have fun and be happy. Look around! Everything you need is nearby.

Bright Side would like to give you some examples of how to make someone laugh in just 2 seconds!

1. Now you know how the wilderness looks.

2. I’ve never seen such enthusiasm for barbecue!

3. Mom, I’m done!

4. The fridge lacked personality.

5. I’ll just leave this here.

6. “Went to London a few weeks ago and took this picture. Just now realized it was eyebombed.”

7. This adds a whole new level of creepy to hair donuts.

8. The noble raptor

9. I just wanted to make friends!

10. Clemson University’s “Old Green Tom”

11. My friend made herself into a 15-foot-long cardboard velociraptor. But googly eyes were necessary!

12. Please, meet Drew Stareymore!

13. First page of a drink menu

14. When that prank went out of control:

15. One pair of googly eyes and one trip to Target...

16. “Someone put googly eyes on the movies at my store. This is my favorite so far.”

17. Talkative door

18. “I’m the first! I’m number one!”

19. Why is your little toe grimacing at me?

20. When you like a girl and she’s got an older brother:

21. My family makes good use of googly eyes:

22. When girls share secrets:

23. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named:

24. Giving life to one that’s been destroyed:

Have you ever experienced googly eyes in funny places? Don’t hesitate to share your results in the comments!

Preview photo credit farhan41 / imgur, LordKeen / reddit
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