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20+ Photo Fails That Became Way Cooler Thanks to Their Backgrounds

Our lives don’t always go as planned and that goes for photos too. Sometimes one small fortuity can turn a regular photo into a total photobomb. The culprits of such masterpieces can be our friends, pets or even world celebrities. After all, who wouldn’t want to be in a photo with Nicolas Cage — especially when the actor himself didn’t even know what was happening?

Bright Side found photographic proof that sometimes destiny itself can create masterpieces.

1. This iguana decided to better the photo at just the right moment.

2. Some guy spoiled the manatee’s photo.

3. Nature perfected this photo.

4. This is perhaps the best photo ever taken in Rio.

5. The concentration of positive emotions in this photo is overwhelming.

6. This could have been another perfect wedding ceremony shot but...

7. “We were celebrating my birthday in a restaurant. The Nicolas Cage photobomb was one of the best presents.”

8. Sincere laughter makes even the most serious photo unconstrained.

9. This could have been a cool underwater photo but this fish had a better idea.

10. “I wanted to take a photo of the 3 of them but an unexpected bite led to real drama.”

11. “My brother’s bird was chillin’ while my dog brought creepiness to a whole new level...”

12. “A bird perched on my head took flight as I took the picture.”

13. “This cat is about to tackle his sworn enemy.”

14. What pure jealousy looks like:

15. When you just wanted to eat ice cream, but got a cool photo of a seagull instead:

16. The cutest things can be found in the foreground.

17. When on vacation, you should be ready for someone exotic to suddenly appear in your photo.

18. “She landed on my shoulder.”

19. The very moment when you ask a passerby to take a photo of you with your wife

20. Good photo — all 3 people look perfect in it.

21. Photobombs are older than we thought.

Bonus: a good idea of how to spoil your best friend’s photo

Have you ever had a perfectly good photo spoiled by a photobomb? Please share it with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit martinez37 / Pikabu
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