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20 Photobombers Who Hilariously Stole the Show (Try to Find Them All)

According to the definition from the Oxford English Dictionary, a photobomb is an action taken to spoil a photograph by unexpectedly appearing in the camera’s field of view (typically as a prank or practical joke). The first photobomb is supposed to have been taken in 2009. And it seems that this practice has become very popular since then.

Bright Side has collected the 20 top photobombs on the internet giving you a chance to laugh together with us.

1. Hello there!

2. Don’t look over there. Let them have some privacy.

3. Say ooo-oooh!

4. OMG! Did you go blond again?

5. When you’re at school, but still want to sunbathe.

6. Hey, heeey! Turn the music off, I have something to say.

7. And a wild whale appeared out of nowhere...

8. You want a nice pic? I’ll help you. For free.

9. How long did it take you to find him?

10. I will not let them leave me out.

11. My photobomb got photobombed!

12. You guys are cool!

13. I don’t know what’s weirder here: the banana guy or the couple who doesn’t notice him.

14. Double rave photobomb: spooky fabulous plus a sad guy

15. A camera, yaaay!

16. A short guide to photobombing

17. Look at me! I am beautiful.

18. When your younger brother does not understand what Instagram is for.

19. I’m not sure who this lady is, but she got me pretty good.

20. When you learn your posing skills from an animal:

Have you ever notice people doing this in your photos? Share your stories below!

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