15 Photos for Those Who Always Say “I’ve Seen Everything”

As soon as Internet users see something unusual, they grab their smartphones like cowboys grab their guns. Thanks to them, we can enjoy photos of a cloud that looks like an egg, a fireproof echidna, and an endless sausage. They don't look real, but they do actually exist.

We at Bright Side love to see new things, so here is a compilation of 15 phenomena that made our jaws drop. We hope you'll be surprised too.

1. An alien-like lemon

2. The Suriname cent is a square coin.

3. A huge mushroom

4. "I saw a sink/stove/mini-fridge at a customer's house."

5. "I had a quadruple mini-banana this morning."

6. "I need 7 feet of sausage, please."

7. These are Pooh and his friends that the author A.A. Milne gave to his son Christopher Robin as gifts.

8. None of these turtles are the same.

9. Australian echidnas don't care about forest fires. They just dig deep into the ground and sleep to protect themselves.

10. A sleeping bee

11. "This building on my street looks 2-dimensional from a certain angle."

12. "This cloud above Reykjavík, Iceland looks like an egg."

13. This picture was made by popping a balloon filled with smoke.

14. LED-screen wall

15. These rainbow tree opals look like ancient runes.

Do you have the ability to notice unusual things in your regular life? Please share photos of them in the comments.

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