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20 Photos From Another Era That Will Leave You With Intense Feelings of Nostalgia

For most people, childhood was a magical time. For that reason, we tend to keep everything that reminds us of that time close to our hearts. No matter what decade you grew up in, this article is sure to bring you memories that will warm your soul.

Bright Side decided to nostalgize for just a moment and remember the things that used to surround us every day when we were kids.

A phone that you could see through

Whatever information these floppy discs contained was vital.

You were so lucky if you managed to record the song that you liked off the radio.

The origami fortune teller could find answers to any question.

There is no kid who didn’t try to push down all the colors simultaneously.

Every girl had these hair clips.

We used to take care of a Tamagotchi as if it were a real pet!

Any hairdo could be immediately brightened by heart hair clips!

The Filmoscope always showed interesting stories.

Hair clips with butterflies on springs were super chic.

Girls who had skirts like this were super on-trend.

The Kouku Roukou waffles with a sticker inside will stay in our hearts forever thanks to the catchy commercial.

These scratchy hair clips used to leave glitter in our hair and on our hands!

Strawberry candies attracted us with their pretty packaging.

When you urgently needed to rewind a tape:

Every granny had these magnets on her fridge.

This is what Sunday morning looked like during childhood:

This bright bow used to turn a boring hairdo into a party hairdo!

The most delicious chocolate ever:

This phone is trendy even now.

Which of these photos reminded you of your youth? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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