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20+ Photos of Epic Failures We’d Hate to Be the Stars of (We Bet You’ll Feel the Same)

There’s an abundance of photos online depicting massive failures and it’s difficult not to feel a twinge of embarrassment for the people shown in the pictures. It might be a photo of a candle burning through the desktop of a beautiful new MacBook or it can be a photo of parents accidentally throwing their children into the sand. Either way, you cringe and wish nothing similar happens to you.

We at Bright Side collected 22 photos of failures that are so epic they deserve a shoutout.

1. We wish it was Photoshop but apparently, it’s not.

2. They didn’t aim too well...

3. Such a failure is almost proof that past lives can come back to haunt you.

4. Love may hurt, but water does more damage.

5. It was a bad idea from the very start...

6. How long was the window left open?

7. Too many birds, too much time.

8. This is magical:

9. We hope they still get in!

10. This is bad luck and good luck combined:

11. We hope she’s OK!

12. This photo is bound to make some people feel uncomfortable:

13. At least the dress didn’t rip!

14. She just needs a vacation...

15. And the Worst Parking Award goes to...

16. We hope she’ll still love skateboarding after this:

17. This is probably not what they had in mind:

18. They’ll catch him — we’re sure of it!

19. We hope the meal was worth it!

20. Hopefully, they’re friendly...

21. He’s catching a big fish.

22. This is the type of splash no one is ever safe from:

Do you have any photos like this? Share them with us in the comments section below!

Preview photo credit unknown / reddit
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