20 Photos Proving That Mom Makes Everything Better

Mom is the closest person to her children. When she is near, we remain children – no matter how old we are.
Bright Side admires the moms of the world. Here are some heartwarming examples of what moms can do.

20. Mom helps her son through a tough level in Super Mario Land in 1989.

19. This gift from Mom is cooler than the real All Stars.

18. "When my mom came to visit me, she spent ages trying to clean the kettle. In fact, orange was its initial color."

17. Moms keep all our memories: "My mom turned some of my ticket stubs into pillows."

16. As a child, this guy was diagnosed with autism, and his mother was told he might never speak. But she didn't give up.

15. "My husband is a fully grown mining engineer. His mom got him this as a gift. It took him a night to build it, and he was happy."

14. "My mom bought me a strawberry scented minion shampoo."

13. "My mom painted Sonic on the back of my denim jacket when I was 5. I felt super cool."

12. "My mom after saving 40 kids from a burning school bus."

11. "Batman birthday party. Mom made capes. 1991."

10. "I'm off to college. My mom handed me this and told me that this is the only cup I can drink alcohol out of."

9. "I'm a 34-year-old father of 3. Sometimes my mom sneaks into my office building and leaves me a surprise."

8. "This is me sleeping behind the news desk while my mom is anchoring."

7. "I live in a foreign country. Mom usually brings this when she comes to visit me..."

6. "Mom cut a hole in my head cast for my ponytail so people would know I was a girl."

5. "My mom got me a cardboard cutout of my dog to take with me to college so I'd miss him less."

4. "When I visit home, my mom and I make pizza. This is our tradition."

3. This single mom dresses as a dad so her son won’t miss "Bring Your Dad to School Day."

2. "Mommy always knows what I need."

1. "My mom moved during a panorama. Troll face ensued."

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