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20 Photos Proving That Sun Also Has Sense of Humor and People Wear the Evidence of It


Lots of people try to get a suntan in the summer, some on a vacation, some from working outside, and some from gardening. And occasionally the sun gets to show its sense of humor by giving us hilarious and sometimes very oddly shaped suntans or sunburns.

We at Bright Side feel sorry for those who end up with sunburns. We know it hurts, so please, follow our recommendations if you have been a bit unlucky with the sun this summer. But these pics are so funny that we just wanted to share them with you.

1. I appreciate your honesty.

2. The sun has won, again.

3. The sun reveals all of your embarrassing clothing choices.

4. My invisible hat

5. Neapolitan sunburn

6. Just one question — WHY???

7. Never skip leg day.

8. Yep, definitely don’t skip it.

9. We hope that this lady is buying some sunblock.

10. Maybe it’s time to start using contact lenses?

11. Want a free pair of beach sandals that are as light as air?

12. “Remove your hat sir, we need to take some photos.”

13. No, honey, I haven’t been drinking.

14. Your suntan says it all.

15. Handy (but not the smartest) place for your PIN

16. Summer isn’t for everyone!

17. You can always get creative.

18. Someone will be wearing white “socks” for a while.

19. This is what a true fan looks like.

20. This picture has more questions than answers.

Have you ever gotten an awkward suntan? Join the list and add it to the comments below.

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