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20+ Photos That Are So Powerful, They Choked Us Up

The technologies of our modern world give us a great opportunity to preserve and share the most powerful moments of our lives. Real professionals, brave army soldiers, and ordinary people can equally move us to tears. Some stories are easier to tell with great photos.

We at Bright Side collected 23 very moving photos from internet users. Some are inspiring and some are funny, but they are all powerful. And we would like to share them with you.

1. Janos Baranyai a weightlifter from Hungary tried to lift an enormous 148 kg during the Beijing 2008 Olympics. His right arm couldn’t take that much weight.

2. An emergency medical technician after a tough day

3. A badly traumatized Kerri Strug is carried to get her Olympic gold.

4. Moore, Oklahoma, after a tornado obliterated a home

5. US. soldier Ken Kozakiewicz with the body of his friend Andy Alaniz

6. After his hip replacement, this man got his hip bone back. And he turned it into a cane!

7. This man buys coffee for the local Cancer center twice a week with his own money.

8. “My doctor said I’ll never walk again. He didn’t mention anything about dancing.”

9. A policeman breaking down after an attack in France.

10. A policeman politely stops a little boy from crossing the street in front of parade, 1958.

11. A little boy gives flowers to a policeman after a terrorist attack in Stockholm.

12. An 11-year-old Chinese boy was diagnosed with cancer. However, as an organ donor he saved the lives of several people after his death.

13. Elizabeth Laird hugged over 500,000 soldiers before they left to serve.

14. After 5 years she managed to beat her cancer.

15. GPS and a 4-digit lock are included in these anti-rape underwear invented by a rape victim.

16. A boy is taking his first steps after a difficult surgery. He had gotten run over by a car.

17. Dad and daughter watching their soldier mom leave for a year.

18. After a number of problems, including alcoholism, she managed to graduate with honors. And her dad is proud of her!

19. 2 brothers, similar luck.

20. Having no friends to play with can be tough.

21. An owl lost its home after massive deforestation.

22. An Uber driver named Beni took his passenger to the hospital and decided to stay with him before his operation, since the man’s relatives live far away.

23. This doggy is afraid of a storm and his toy keeps him calm.

Which of these stories did you like most of all? Please tell us in the comments!

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