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20 Photos That Are Too Good Not to Share

The new year has finally come and many countries have already celebrated Christmas. The festive mood of the season makes us hope for the best and look for the good and the beauty around us. Even if you don’t feel cheerful for some reason, have a look at these pictures filled with kindness and joy. Chances are it will make you smile and bring about the holiday spirit.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve discovered these amazing shots Internet users have recently shared and we want you to see them too!

1. “2 surgeons after successfully removing a set of brain tumors during a 32-hour surgery”

2. “My dad was the only one at the office today, so he made this picture and sent it to my family.”

3. What a caring mother!

4. Love is all you need.

5. “I volunteer for a dog rescue and we love seeing updates of the dogs in their new homes. This one made me smile!”

6. No DNA test needed...

7. Behind the scenes of the New Year’s Eve celebration

8. Does anyone have a clue about what’s going on here?

9. “An elementary school bus driver asked every kid on his bus what they wanted for Christmas. He bought every child a gift.”

10. “Probably the best picture from last year: I call it ’the day my dog fell in love’.”

11. “If my ICU patients forget for just a few minutes that they’re stuck in ICU over Christmas, then it was all worth it.”

12. Just a few witty frogs hitching a ride on the back of a python...

13. What do you see? Cross-country skiers or notes?

14. "11 days ago I posted a picture of the inside of my broken paintbrush-mug, then another Redditor finished painting the scene. Today a package arrived that brought the whole thing full circle!"

15. "Someone in my neighborhood is making good use of their low hanging oak tree branches this Christmas."

16. One of the coolest selfies ever!

17. A Monopoly blanket crocheted by a loving mom

18. "My friends and I built a 'Chemistree' and we hope you like it! We used the periodic table to spell 'Merry Christmas' in Dutch."

19. "2 shirts purchased months apart forming an unbroken chain"

20. A loving hug from a swan - how cute is this?

Which of these pictures wowed you the most? Do you have some cool pics to share with us? Feel free to post them in the comments!

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