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20+ Photos That Can Melt Even the Most Frozen of Hearts

Sometimes you may feel like everything is working against you, and even wishing “good morning” to the people around you seems difficult. So if you’re feeling cold today and heavy clouds have covered the sky, this compilation is for you — it’s full of light and warmth.

We at Bright Side always strive to help you stay in a good mood which is why we found several photos that will raise your spirits.

1. A small piranha

2. “My dog when I finally get home from work”

3. “My father-in-law taking a break to play a game with my 3-year-old — he takes her to lower level areas and lets her fight things.”

4. “Rescued this guy from a shelter. He was there for 8 months and no one wanted him. I believe he was waiting for my wife and me.”

5. Enjoying the sun

6. A tiny hummingbird drinking juice

7. This guy is really tired.

8. “My best friend handmade a skunk costume for my kid’s first Halloween.”

9. The Silence of the Bulldogs

10. “Please, can we keep him?”

11. A true gentleman

12. “Every time I would walk past his cage at the shelter he would stick his little paws out and boop me. I went there to choose a cat but instead, he picked me.”

13. “My parents adopted Molly, a blind senior dog, about a month ago. I haven’t even met her yet and I’m already in love.”

14. Butterflies sit on good boys only.

15. “My father and my son”

16. Kisses with a view

17. “My family wanted to measure Calypso on the wall with all of our heights on it. He’s exactly 2 feet tall.”

18. “A monarch landed on my daughter’s head.”

19. “Peekaboo!”

20. Eyes full of happiness

21. Safety first!

22. “I made a picnic table for squirrels.”

What always makes you smile, even on the toughest of days? We’d be happy to see your pics in the comments!

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