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20 Photos That Can Warm You Up Even on a Freezing Day

If all of us did a good thing at least once a day, so many more people would smile more often! The guys from this compilation clearly understand this, so they do all they can to make this world a better place: a father who builds a snow castle for his daughter, an old man proposing to his wife again, or a child who gives money for ice cream back to his mother to help her pay the bills. These people can inspire you to stop whatever you are doing and go do something nice for others.

We at Bright Side are sincerely amazed by the people from this article, because doing good things and inspiring others is a huge talent.

This Colorado animal shelter’s staff celebrates inside empty cages after all its dogs are adopted in time for Christmas.

This little girl realizes that a video call from “Dad deployed in Nepal” is actually coming from inside the house!

“My 11-year-old sister receiving her surprise Christmas present”

A goose saw a freezing puppy, cuddled up to it, and covered it with its wings.

“15 years ago, my mom lost the diamond to her wedding ring. For most of her marriage, she didn’t wear a ring. Today my dad surprised her.”

This kid is reunited with his cat that had run away.

Giving your scarf to someone who needs it more:

“Every Tuesday this little boy waits for his friends, with snacks.”

“Their gym teacher wore his Jordan 13’s that he got in 1998 until the soles wore out. His students bought him a brand new pair for Christmas.”

An unexpected gift

Tom Hanks came in to have dinner. He then paid for everyone’s food and took photos with everyone.

“My brother makes Harry Potter wands for his 4th graders who want to buy one using fake money they’ve earned throughout the year. They have jobs, a pay desk, and electricity taxes, and can earn money through other accomplishments.”

Kindness in small things

“My buddy Gregg built this handicap-accessible snow fort for his daughter”

“This woman was on the phone being interviewed for a job and this guy (Mayor of Chicago — Rahm Emanuel) just randomly grabbed her phone and put in a good word.”

A bride and groom asked their grandmothers to be their flower girls.

It’s important that your friend is warm!

Nobody is more honest and kind than children

“Tia after she got a free bag of dog food for donating blood!”

A reminder can’t hurt.

What are some good things that you have done this week? Tell us about them and inspire others!

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