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20 Photos That Could Top the Epic Fail List

It’s not for nothing that people say, “Change your attitude toward a situation if you can’t change the situation itself.” Lots of things happen that we can’t control and it’s not worth getting upset about them. The characters of our compilation got into irritating and at the same time funny situations but they didn’t give up — they got their camera, took a shot, and shared the surprise that life presented to them with the whole world.

Bright Side collected photos of people that can be called the kings of bad luck.

1. When the first day of school is... something completely different...

2. Measure 7 times, drill the hole 4 times.

3. If you have to use twice as much to do the job, is it still worth saving money and buying the bargain brand?

4. “The universe decided that I’m going to walk to work today.”

5. Fanta accident

6. At least it didn’t happen in the car.

7. Well that was a strong wind.

8. Drunk burger

9. True flood

10. “They took my door?”

11. Hey, whatever works... It beats swimming to work.

12. Why you should never place a bucket of paint right under your ladder:

13. Here’s what the phrase ’bad day’ looks like:

14. The way this cup broke:

15. When it’s too expensive to replace the escalator, you turn it into stairs:

16. How is this possible?

17. “They just cut out the intercom in the house where I live.”

18. That’s a dangerous fish.

19. “At least it was grown by me!”

20. “Never again will I ever use an eyelash curler.”

How often does bad luck happen in your life? Please tell us about your most epic fails in the comments!

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