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20 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up the Struggle of Being on a Diet

About half of all Americans are on a diet on any given day, according to research. And while this might come as no surprise, we all know that not all attempts end up being successful. Because even one thought about a juicy burger, which is only walking distance from you, can ruin the whole diet. But, no worries, you can start all over again on Monday.

We at Bright side can feel all the pain and struggle of being on a diet and decided to compile some funny content about it.

1. “Come on, Henry, you know you’re on a diet...”

2. Me: OMG I need to go on a diet!

Also me 5 minutes later:

3. When people tell me I need to start a diet:

4. ...and a diet coke, I’m trying to lose weight.

5. Hungry, but still on a diet.

6. Just one slice, please, I’m on a diet.

7. When you get caught eating ice cream on a diet:

8. When you’re on a diet, but have no self-control:

9. When you’re on a diet and your friend eats fast food in front of you:

10. Sounds like a new diet plan.

11. The right silverware for losing weight

12. The Days of Future Past

13. Bad, bad carrot

14. Broken friendships

15. When I’m about to start a diet, I try to stuff in all my favorite unhealthy foods the day before.

16. Finally a diet that seems to be 100% working.

17. And this is how I started my diet.

18. This is what being on a diet on your birthday looks like.

19. Every time I start a diet I hear the Mission Impossible theme song in my head.

20. It’s very important to set realistic goals.

Which one of these sounds familiar to you? Share your experience about the struggles of being on a diet with us below in the comments!

Preview photo credit Funnyoneliners / Twitter