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20 Photos That Prove Angles Are Everything

An unusual angle can change any picture. Even the most ordinary things turn into something incredible if a photographer manages to find a good spot before taking a photo. The ability to catch the moment and make people see something that doesn’t actually exist is true professionalism.

Bright Side had to look twice at all these photos to find out exactly what was going on.

20. The all-seeing eye of the Pharaoh

19. A quick reaction and a great zoom create perfect pictures.

18. A flower

17. “Penguins are cute,” they said.

16. A dangerous German subway

15. A giant dog eating

14. Such a tragic moment

13. “Go home, human. You’re drunk!”

12. This jet bird

11. A killer bird

10. Solar yarn

9. “He’s trying to eat me.”

8. This endless radio tower

7. A giant creature trapped inside someone’s home or a doll house with a curious visitor?

6. Every cat owner should have a glass table.

5. Carrot pants

4. This flower is photobombing.

3. A bird with a man’s head

2. A 2D building

1. When you tell your cat you don’t pet other cats:

Bonus: When you’ve never drawn horses before

Do you have any pictures taken at just the right moment from the right angle?

Preview photo credit Yanbekov / pikabu
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