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20 Photos That Prove Google Has a Wonderful Sense of Humor

Google handles about 70,000 searches a second. Sometimes results don’t quite correspond to our search inquiries — so much so that we can even forget what we were looking for in the first place!

Bright Side put together 20 examples of Google’s funniest replies to users’ different inquiries.

20. “Hot biker chicks”

19. “Rock in a pool”

18. “Best. Fridge. Ever.”

17. “A swan”

16. “A muscular guy”

15. “When Wi-Fi is down”

14. “A vacuum cleaner USB”

13. “The cutest kitten in the world”

12. “Where does the money of the world disappear to?”

11. “The worst idea of all time”

10. “Unknown stuff”

9. “The most important photo on the internet”

8. “The most complicated Rubik’s Cube”

7. “When your wife is angry”

6. “Never do it for free.”

5. “I made a big mistake.”

4. “Simple Halloween costumes”

3. “A Chinese keyboard”

2. “Don’t be afraid of me.”

1. “How to tell if your pets are starting a cult”

Bonus: “typical Canadians in February”

What kinds of funny results have you gotten when googling something? Tell us in the comments below.

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