20 Photos That Prove Growing a Beard Changes Everything (New Pics)

Beards have a powerful effect on people. Studies have found that beards can even make men seem more attractive and dominant than those who don’t have them. There is also evidence that a beard can protect a man’s face from certain bacteria. Not to mention that sometimes beards can totally transform a guy’s look.

Bright Side has collected images that prove facial hair can really make a man into someone that you just can’t stop looking at!

1. He was cute before, but now he looks magnificent.

2. He even ditched the glasses, like Superman.

3. A little progress goes a long way.

4. Whether it adds or subtracts years, it still looks good.

5. This guy’s beard even gives him a warm glow!

6. This guy started from the bottom up ...

7. Adding a few years to your look can be a good thing.

8. We see you’ve switched from starfish to weights...

9. Eat your heart out, Aquaman!

10. You couldn’t even tell he was a redhead before...

11. One word: transformation!

12. This guy’s beard makes him look even taller.

13. We prefer “With” to “Without.”

14. Never forget that winter is coming.

15. You just can’t fight it.

16. Even a small beard makes a big difference!

17. This guy could be the next King Neptune.

18. Now, keep the beard, but grow back the mustache.

19. It’s a real transformation, but the beard’s all you see!

20. Welcome to the club!

Do you prefer men with or without beards? Whom should we add to this transformation list? Let us know and share some before and after photos with us in the comments below!

Preview photo credit Unknown / Reddit
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