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20 Photos That Prove Teen Fashion Is No Laughing Matter

Between 12 and 17 years old, childhood begins to transform to give way to adult life, a stage popularly known as “adolescence.” This transition brings endless emotions and entertaining lessons of life, and one of them is that no matter what happens, you have to stay true to your style... even if you fully regret it later on.

Bright Side gathered some photographs that remind us that teenage fashion is nothing more than an experiment.

1. “When 12-year-old me found white face powder at Hot Topic and took my scene phase to a new low...”

2. “5 years ago I thought it’d be a good idea to make a dress and wear it to school. It’s made entirely out of trash bags and duct tape.”

3. “It’s not a phase, mom!”

4. “2009 (I was 12 years old) father-daughter church dance. The dress code was formal, if you couldn’t tell.”

5. “We thought we were so cool on the way to our first gig at 15. I’m in the middle.”

6. “15-year-old me loved pony bead bracelets, and taking totally-not-staged candid photos.”

7. “2009. Slipknot and anime were my life.”

8. “The year was 2003, I left the house like this on a regular basis.”

9. “2011 was a wild time.”

10. “My wife (in red) and her cousin, on their way to see Avril Lavigne”

11. “I didn’t think I would ever change, but 7 years definitely made a difference.”

12. “My friend gave me permission to post this early 2000’s glam.”

13. “I made my own headbands, shirts... and hair!”

14. “Me at 16, emo wannabe with my horribly applied eyeliner. God I was edgy.”

15. “The only reason I didn’t wear black everyday was because my mom still picked out my clothes. Here I am making my edgy dreams a reality.”

16. “Well, we all had an emo and weeb phase at the same time....right?”

17. “I thought I was cool and edgy in 5th grade...”

18. “My pal’s uncle”

19. “I love cringing at my old scene/emo phase.”

20. “In my bedroom, before heading to a Marilyn Manson concert around 2003”

Which of these images would your teenage self identify with? What do you think young people will look like 15 years from now? Tell us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Astyyria / Reddit