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20 Photos That Prove the Art of Design Is Not for Everyone

They can be purchased items or homemade inventions, but the truth is that the design of real estate is not a skill that everyone has. There are decisions that don’t seem to make any sense and that makes us wonder what was going on in the head of the person who conceived them. That’s why some internet users began to share images of rather questionable designs, which we still don’t fully understand.

Bright Side wants to share with you some crazy photos that users shared with everyone on the internet.

1. “This is what my school’s computer lab looks like.”

2. “Nice view, bro.”

3. “The best place to put an electrical outlet.”

4. “Could you at least close the right side?”

5. “One half is better than none.”

6. “One half of the stairs has a bar across the path for no apparent reason.”

7. “There were too many black tiles left over, and they had to be used.”

8. “They were supposed to find a good place for the projector, it was their only job.”

9. “Vent in the middle of the floor.”

10. “This door at my college that gets cut off by the ceiling.”

11. “This doesn’t look like a very comfortable chair.”

12. “It hurts my eyes just to see this.”

13. “Sure, boss, the bus has all the seats in place.”

14. “What is the purpose of this?”

15. A bathroom with no space

16. “I found this near my grandma’s house. It raised a lot of questions for me.”

17. “This pillar is in my basement, don’t ask me why.”

18. “Couldn’t they have put it in the middle of the mirrors?”

19. “They are remodeling the elevators at work. This one is the worst of all.”

20. “The floor tiles in my school have no conceivable pattern.”

What do you think of these designs? Have you ever seen any as crazy as these? Tell us in the comment section.

Preview photo credit BingoBoy6 / Reddit, stevstot / Imgur