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20 Photos That Prove the Universe Can Always Go Against Your Plans

Sometimes you’re just planning to do the laundry but you need a mechanic to repair the washing machine. On other days, you attempt to bake a beautiful cake and end up with something you didn’t plan. Or perhaps you want to go camping but change your mind when you see a huge animal’s footprint in the forest. It seems that life is trying to shuffle our cards all the time to make the game more interesting.

Bright Side, along with these 20 people, agrees that even if 99% of what you planned doesn’t work out, you have to stay calm and positive.

“So I found a frog and I liked him and then he attacked me.”

When you don’t learn from your mistakes

“Decided today was the day for my first hike...and then made my way back to the car.”

“Tried to make brownies and almost succeeded.”

“Waited almost 14 years for this moment, and of course I missed it.”

A 19th-century building after being “renovated”

“Why I don’t vacuum”

“You’re not getting that back.”

“My school locker can’t even fit my backpack because of those shelves.”

“I grew a beard to keep my face warm this winter...”

“Building a house and the builder asked me to put stickers where I wanted my towel rails to go.”

“No right click, a scroll wheel that is impossible to use, and terrible ergonomic design just to match their computers...”

“Left some beer in a cooler outside. Wife found it like this.”

This woman on Wheel of Fortune today solved the final puzzle. 5 seconds earlier and she would’ve won $1,000,000.

Someone forgot how an acronym works.

Amused police officers after they got their first electric patrol car

Always check your pockets before doing the laundry.

“Why can’t I take a good picture of the text?”

“My University cafeteria swapped their cups out from flat bottomed ones to these cones. Now you have to hold your drink while you eat.”

“My wife and I have been competing to see who can make the fanciest hotdog.”

Do your plans always work out or do you have situations that could have easily been in this compilation? Tell us down in the comment section!

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