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20 Photos That Prove Weddings Don’t Have to Be Perfect

A wedding photo shoot usually consists of a series of staged photos in front of beautiful decorations while the bride wears a pretty white dress as guests smile. But there are also unique photos that are different from the typical wedding we're used to seeing.

Bright Side has collected some photos from weddings that you won't see in a regular photo album.

This is both cute and creepy.

This couple must have a superpower to be able to hold this knife without any effort.

Not the best photo but at least she had a good laugh!

Is that a bear?

Just a wedding arch made of tires, that's all.

Newlyweds in a diner at night

"I accidentally spoke over the officiant during my vows; the videographer captured the face I made when I realized he was still talking..."

Instead of a veil...

Super calm

A surprise from the bride

Newlyweds celebrating on a trampoline

Or playing a slot machine

"I was trying to find a bug in my dress while my husband was posing for a photo."

There is a burning forest behind the couple.

"My best friend got married and the only other bride we ran into was wearing the exact same dress!"

Did he fall asleep?

Wow! The groom is wearing kicks!

He must have overslept...

True emotions

Looks like the bride is not really impressed.

Have you ever witnessed any funny accidents during a wedding? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Washington Post/youtube
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