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20 Photos That Raise More Questions Than the End of “Game of Thrones”

Every day we ask our brain to solve an enormous number of puzzles. And some photos are just like that: they catch your eye and leave you craving an explanation. But that’s the beauty of life: so many mysteries and questions that don’t have answers.

We at Bright Side enjoy challenging your powers of observation, so we collected 20 baffling photos that encourage your mind to wander.

1. The ice that looks like an eye

2. This cat is performing a black magic trick.

3. “Sat on a bench outside an office and noticed that my reflection in the window perfectly fit in the chair.”

4. This stairway turned into a waterfall because of the heavy rain.

5. “The pattern on my dog’s chest looks like a cat mid-sneeze.”

6. A hidden glow-in-the-dark galaxy on the kitchen floor

7. “Just some concerned juniors ensuring the seniors got a bath before they snapped the photo.”

8. “All 4 of my cat’s paws have unique black and pink combinations.”

9. A piece of wood that looks like a dragon’s head

10. “My black cat looks like my white cat’s shadow.”

11. This shadow that is perfectly lined up with the light pole

12. This unusual fir tree

13. This crack on the stairs that looks like a cat

14. Just a 67 lb cabbage

15. “My slippers are the exact same color and texture as the carpet in my office.”

16. A tabby cat with the tip of its tail colored orange

17. “My salty camera lens made my boyfriend translucent.”

18. This door in a hotel bathroom can close either of the 2 doorways.

19. This straight line of bubbles in a beer

20. These huge blueberries

Which photo surprised you the most? Do you have anything interesting that we could add to this list? We’d love to see your pics and thoughts in the comment section below!