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20+ Photos That Raise the Adrenaline Level in Your Blood

Did you know that an adrenaline rush is no less refreshing than a cup of coffee? Your blood pressure gets higher, your pulse becomes faster, and you feel more energized. If you’d like to experience deeper sensations while reading this article, turn on a horror movie soundtrack, especially when you see the photo of an uninvited guest behind the window.

Bright Side found 21 photos that will really give you the chills.

21. Fire fighting in California

20. “My friends risk their lives every day.”

19. Hungry polar bear in northern Canada.

18. Is this a mushroom or a zombie apocalypse?

17. “In Australia we’re not afraid of robbers, but of freaking kangaroos.”

16. A fungus that’s straight out of a horror film

15. “I don’t think I want fast food anymore.”

14. “Close up of a moth outside my window”

13. “Always keep a magnet in your pocket.”

12. “Even if you think you’re not being watched, think again.”

11. Are those genuine laughs or are they just hysterical...

10. “I hope I never come across this creepy sculpture in Italy at night.”

9. “My friend is a dog trainer. He shared this wonderful photo from one of his trainings.”

8. “I jumped about 5 feet high before I realized it was just a toy.”

7. It seems that some men are born without a survival instinct.

6. “Don’t worry, I saved this bird’s life.”

5. Can you imagine if you were in her place?

4. A Maverick wave in California

3. “This is my worst nightmare.”

2. Alligator coming out of the swamp

1. Walking on water

Which photo did you find the scariest? Tell us in the comments below.

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