20 Photos That Reflect All the Pain of the Words “It’s Just Not My Day” (New Pics)

How often does it happen that you spill a whole cup of coffee on your keyboard or drop something into the toilet? Such accidents are believed to be caused by Murphy’s law, when anything that can go wrong, will go wrong despite our best efforts.

Bright Side has collected 20 photos for you showing bad luck at its worst. We’ve all had terrible days when it seemed terrible luck was pursuing us.

1. Perfect match!

2. From bees with love.

3. “The day my childhood officially ended”

4. Ohhhh, maaaaan!

5. Buried a friend in the sand and threw potato chips around his head — then came the seagulls...

6. Cupcake keyboard sadness

7. Just go back to bed...

8. Sometimes I think my whole life is one continuous Monday.

9. First 5 minutes of a 9-hour flight to Budapest:

10. Don’t cry over spilled milk, they said..

11. Mmmmm, yummy!

12. If Monday was a beer

13. Even the biggest of us sometimes need a rest.

14. Hulk DESTROY!

15. Happy Birthday to the ground!

16. “My friend forgot his Coke in the freezer.”

17. How I wasted 10 bucks:

18. Oh, nooo!

19. “Today is not my day.”

20. What I mean when I say “exquisite pain”

Have you ever had a bad day like any of these? How did you manage to cope with it? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

Preview photo credit benimbolo / reddit, Unknown / imgur
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