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20 Photos That Restore Harmony No Matter What

The world is full of chaos, that’s why even the smallest demonstrations of harmony are like a breath of fresh air for many of us. Perfectionists have an even more difficult time, so we decided to make them a little bit happier. Enjoy!

Bright Side has collected 20 photographs which are closer than anything to what we call perfection. And at the end of the article, there is a very nice bonus for you.

20. When you have an avocado and a lot of free time.

19. Perfection cubed

18. Small bowls in a big one

17. This slope deserves a song, it’s so amazing!

16. When a coin fell into a puddle:

15. This bench is made from a curled-up paving stone.

14. If you decide to sort your containers, do it this way.

13. When you plumber loves order:

12. An animal who likes straight lines just as much as we do.

11. What do they call these types of people?

10. The gate to the perfectionist’s paradise

9. Don’t ask why there are so many water bottles in the fridge. Just enjoy.

8. Who cares what the scale will show?

7. When you know how to make stuff:

6. Someone did a great job.

5. Perfect woodchip spiral

4. When you are the only perfectionist in your village:

3. This cable management:

2. Just imagine how the vegeterians must feel

1. Cheese shop as art

Bonus: don’t thank us

Tell us which picture held your attention the longest?

Preview photo credit petitbleuchien/reddit
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