20+ Photos That Show Exactly What a Huge Difference Really Is

Have you ever compared a mini cooper with a giant? And do you know the difference between a bee stinger and the end of a needle? Do you know how to tell an egg from the supermarket apart from the one from the farm? Internet users shared photos that you need to look at just once to get the answers to these questions and more.

Bright Side is still amazed by how simple and effective these 20+ comparisons are. It seems that there’s just no simpler way to illustrate the difference between 2 things.

The benefits of public transport

This looks like a regular beach...until you notice the person.

“Little girls today vs what I looked like at their age”

The mountain and the car that will need to get fixed

A microscopic look at a bee stinger vs the end of a needle

“Pictures of my cat in the same pose taken with an iPhone vs a DSLR camera (both untouched)”

“The shoe that’s on the longboard vs the shoe that does all the pushing”

Before and after braces

Heavyweight Alesha Zappitella together with featherweight Megan Anderson

The color difference between last fall’s honey harvest and this summer’s

“Today I was going to do a post on how much difference a shave and a haircut makes. Instead, I turned myself into a non-attractive woman.”

4 hours of overtime well-spent!

Much needed haircut + bonus surprised dog

“On the left is my apartment during my depression. Today I came back and decided that keeping it that way would only depress me more, so I cleaned and now it’s like it should be! It’s a small change but it made me happy.”

A dog before and after it got an owner

The difference between 160 pounds and 360 pounds — they’re both rugby players.

“The difference between a store-bought egg and a fresh one from my chickens”

The color difference between blood bags donated by non-smokers (left) vs smokers (right)

The difference between inside and outside doorknobs

The difference between an Olympic swimmer and an Olympic gymnast

The difference in DVD covers between comedy movies, sci-fi, and horror

The difference between a good steak and a cheap one

Do you have some impressive photos of huge differences? Share them with us!

Preview photo credit Apofeo / pikabu
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