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20 Photos That Show the Joys and Sorrows of Having a Sibling

Imagine this... You wake up and it’s a beautiful morning, you go to have your first coffee of the day and your sibling has already made it for you. Your day is even better now. You take a sip, but there’s a ton of salt in it. Yes, that’s exactly what it means to have siblings. From innocent pranks to teasing to passive-aggressive attitudes to relentless sibling wars, we’ve all been there, we’ve seen it all, and we have unforgettable memories from it.

Bright Side wants to remind you that you’re not the only one who’s been through these times, and that’s why we have 20 pictures of typical sibling struggles that really hit home!

20. “I had my leg amputated and my brother showed up in the hospital, dressed as a pirate.”

19. When your little brother is annoying you:

18. No matter the age, siblings will always do their best to embarrass you.

17. How to prank your vegan sister:

16. If your sibling is ever alone with your ice cream, don’t expect to find it when you get back.

15. “My sister just got married, she asked me to save the newspaper for her from her wedding day.”

14. Don’t underestimate how evil younger siblings can be.

13. Yes, that is gift wrap... metal gift wrap.

12. When you’re feeling the Christmas spirit and decide to help your sibling with the decorations.

11. His brother sent him a potato in the mail, because why not?

10. That’s just evil.

9. Do you really have a sibling if they don’t annoy you or embarrass you?

8. We’ve all done this.

7. We all know what’s going to happen next.

6. Typical sibling gifts

5. You don’t know how much this hurts until it happens to you.

4. “I asked my brother if he could make me food, his response was — a bowl of “Struggle Puffs.”

3. We were all this petty, admit it.

2. Remember the ice bucket challenge? We are sure she never forgot about it.

1. A very honest birthday card that perfectly explains the relationship between siblings

We are sure that a lot of you can relate to these pictures! What are the worst or the best things you or your siblings have done to each other? Share them with us and let’s all laugh together!

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