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20 Photos That Show the Power of a Helping Hand

According to this study, we feel happier when we help others or are kind to them. This just shows how powerful something as simple as kindness is. A good deed can make someone’s day, or even life, better and we believe every human should aspire to be kind. We hope that reading this will put a smile on your face and you will pass that smile onto the closest person to you!

Bright Side is all about helping others and being a good person, so we would like to share these 20 photos with you and hopefully inspire you to help somebody today!

1. This incredibly good girl bit her diabetic owner to wake her up after her blood sugar had gone up.

2. This woman is comforting a homeless man experiencing distress, as she waits for the paramedics to arrive.

3. This man started a charity where students can donate a meal from their meal plan to those in need.

4. Every night this coffee shop leaves burritos for the homeless

5. This boy saved his family from a gas leak

6. A grandmother knitted 3,000 of these for children going to the doctor or the hospital

7. Therapy dogs in Italy eagerly waiting to meet their respective children

8. This good girl is nursing a tiny kitten her owner rescued

9. Kind people filled bags with school supplies and stuffed animals and gave them to kids.

10. These guys take toy donations for unprivileged children

11. The wrestling community raises over $100K for fellow wrestler

Brandon Sorensen was diagnosed with leukemia and, within days, the wrestling community raised over $100,000 dollars to pay for his treatment.

12. Waiter helps feeding disabled lady, so her husband can eat

13. This protester holding an umbrella for a reporter is something you don’t see every day.

14. Stranger offers to hold crying baby, so a couple can enjoy dinner

15. Willie is a true hero.

16. He heard his favorite basketball player got injured, so he gave him a note, cookies and a hug

17. Every year a kind man offers clothes and shoes to those in need

18. A homeless woman caught someone stealing my bike so I had her and her son over for Christmas

19. This Egyptian fan is being lifted up by Mexican and Colombian fans so he can watch his country play.

20. This good girl chased away a bear to protect her owner and cat.

What was the nicest thing someone has done for you? Please share it with everybody in the comments and let’s all talk about all the good in the world, because we sure need it more than ever!

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