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20 Photos That Show the Struggles Tall People Face Daily

They say “it’s a small world” and people whose height is a bit higher than the average will gladly confirm this saying. It’s all because they end up hitting the ceilings with their heads, feel discomfort on rides and flights, and even taking a bath isn’t as relaxing as it should be.

We at Bright Side visited the world of tall people and have compiled a bunch of photos of how these people manage to live in our regular world. Turns out, it’s not that simple.

1. This guy knows how to deal with tall people problems.

2. The eternal bathtub struggle.

3. Welcome to a new apartment and a new thing to smack your head on:

4. “A friend of mine at a recent checkup”

5. How does he manage to see what he’s cooking?

6. When you are tired of hearing the same questions every day:

7. The struggles of a Dutchman in China

8. Love knows no boundaries

9. Adventures of a 6’6″ tall guy in Europe

10. Even drinking becomes an uphill task when you are tall.

11. Nothing can stop him from exercising.

12. How is that possible?

13. Watch your head!

14. Planes are not for everyone! I am 6’5″.

15. “This is how my mom and I hug now.”

16. “A friend of mine had a photo booth set up at his wedding. We didn’t fit.”

17. “Spotted in the washroom at work...”

18. The showerhead in my new apartment

19. “Either I’m tall or I turned out to be in a hobbit home.”

20. Hope the ride wasn’t long.

How tall are you? Are you familiar with these issues? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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