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20 Photos That Show the World From a Whole Different Perspective

The world never ceases to amaze us. For example, if you watch a millipede running in slow-motion, you’ll notice that it’s not running, it’s jumping. And have you ever wondered what would happen if you cracked an egg underwater?

Bright Side gathered 20 unbelievable things that will definitely surprise you. At the end of the article, you’ll see what’s going on inside every human body that most of us have no idea about.

The inside of a green wall.

This is how an IBM ball-head typewriter works.

Old money recovered from the Titanic.

Newly manufactured pencils are ready for packing.

A little peephole for a dog.

Have you ever wondered what would happen to an egg if you crack it underwater?

During a volcano eruption, a column of ash is sent many miles up in the air. Here’s a recent example from Indonesia: the column height is about 4.4 miles.

A hand with a big toe transplanted in place of a lost thumb.

The production of pasta.

A sea creature called salpa has a see-through body with visible ring-shaped muscles and intestines.

Static electricity in a freshly printed stack of paper.

This millipede is racing like a horse if you film it in slow motion.

The deconstruction of a whiskey barrel.

The skeleton of a 28 ft anaconda.

This is what the human lungs infected with pneumonia look like.

A toucan’s beak remains unchanged many years after the bird’s death.

Trash bins in Copenhagen are angled so cyclists can toss their trash while biking.

The ice cover remained after the flood water subsided.

The sleeping place of an astronaut.

At the equator at midday, the Sun is perpendicular to Earth and makes the tree shadows look like this.

Bonus: phagocytosis in action — a white blood cell is chasing a bacteria.

What photo amazed you the most? Share with us in the comments if you’ve witnessed amazing and unusual things in your life.

Preview photo credit DarkReadwithLATaylor / reddit
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