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20+ Photos That’ll Make Every Perfectionist Feel Like They’re on Cloud 9

If you are a perfectionist and control freak, don’t worry, you are not alone. People around the internet are happy to share their daily encounters with perfection either when they just happened by accident or when they really worked hard to achieve it, gaining a wide audience of supporters.

Bright Side wants to satisfy this hidden part in you, which is why we gathered some of the most fulfilling images of symmetry. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flawless show.

1. Nothing more to ask at your daily visit to the grocery store.

2. When you need to take notes fast, but you also love good aesthetics:

3. These piles of spice at a market in Marrakesh

4. The first level of bubbles looks like a crowd of people watching a show.

5. — From 1 to 6 how satisfied are you? — 6.

6. This sandwich is just perfect no matter what’s inside.

7. Stay where you are, little buddy!

8. The curves of this crinkle crankle wall are just hypnotizing to look at.

9. The perfect shades of blue on this cake

10. We didn’t know that Oreos could be even more appealing.

11. What a perfectionist’s house looks like from the outside:

12. 3 tow trucks and a mini, how is this even possible?

13. When you order hangers, what you get is so satisfying:

14. The way this packing material fits in my coworker’s doorway

15. This beautiful collection of tomatoes before packaging:

16. We wouldn’t dare to eat a gummy bear from this perfectly built pile.

17. When you’re a book lover and a perfectionist:

18. Nature is a perfectionist too.

19. This cookie tower was built with care and it shows.

20. If you look at these apples for a few seconds they look like they’re rotating.

21. This smooth ice cream cone

22. It’s not luck, it’s perfectionism.

23. Took us a minute to figure out what’s on the bread.

24. This picture of the London Eye through the window of a boat on the Thames.

25. This extra-large tart is the definition of perfection.

We cannot help but stare at those purely well-proportioned forms. Are you a perfectionist yourself? Have you ever captured such symmetrical designs? Share your pictures in the comments. Make your fellow perfectionists smile.

Preview photo credit unknown / imgur, witenry / Instagram
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