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20 Photos We Want to Touch to Feel Their Perfection

Some photos are to be appreciated for their artistic contribution to the world and some are there just for you to enjoy for a moment thanks to their oddly satisfactory form. Especially if they create the urge to reach beyond the screen to have a touch!

From Bright Side to all the perfectionists out there, here are the best photos taken at just the perfect moment.

1. This coffee which is the same color as the mug

2. Perfectly landed snow on top of a porch roof

3. Heart-shaped bubble wrap that’s too pretty to be popped

4. Beaded rain drops on top of a car roof

5. Fresh snow-like ice-cream

6. A roller snow pile creating a perfect wave

7. Incredibly smooth hair mousse

8. Honeycomb almost good enough to cure OCD

9. A yolk flower that should never be beaten

10. A flawlessly rounded ice-cream scoop

11. Pancakes made to please the eye

12. The incredible color scheme of this sunset painting the mirror

13. A silky looking snow coat on a car

14. The sweetest hive structure — pun intended...

15. Surface tension making a bubbly circle around a quarter

16. This snowflake can also be known as the ultimate snowflake.

17. An uncommonly tranquil surface of a pool

18. The placement of wood logs looks like an art installation.

19. A spotless snow pile on a bench

20. The lava flow tricking your brain into taking a bite

Which ones were your favorites? Or do you have an even better one? Don’t forget to share it with us on social media!

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