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20+ Photos Where Time Seemed to Stop for a While

“Perfectly-timed photos” have to be our most favorite Internet phenomenon! They can be funny, impressive or both at the same time, and we can’t get enough of them. Whether it’s a picture of an invisible football player or a frog captured mid-jump, one thing’s for sure: they’re always able to put a smile on your face!

Bright Side loves a well-timed picture and we have 22 of them to show you!

1. This invisible player forgot about his helmet...

2. When you just completed your first mission:

3. A snowflake on my daughter’s eyelash

4. Holding the sun

5. Overly protective dads be like:

6. How kittens breathe in space

7. “We have liftoff. I repeat, we have liftoff!”

8. Nice ’fro...

9. “Yup, this puck looks good.”

10. When you see it...

11. Why is this so funny?

12. Where can we buy this hat?

13. Nature is unforgiving if you don’t pay attention.

14. She’s ready for Hogwarts at a young age.

15. Just a tiny jogger on the freeway barrier

16. A pair of classy stockings...or is it?

17. The man-eater

18. How to train your dragon: hibachi edition

19. Photobombing is one thing, but we wonder if the dress and tux got wet!

20. A frog captured mid-jump

21. Lightning striking a plane as it flies through a rainbow

22. Chicago’s reflection in Lake Michigan

We laughed a lot at some of these and we hope you did too! Have you taken photos like these? We NEED to see them, so please share them with us and let’s all laugh or be amazed together!

Preview photo credit fatmanovercoat / reddit
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