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20 Photos With a Generation Gap That’ll Make Anyone Think It’s One and the Same Person

It’s normal to look like your parents or grandparents, but some people take it a step further. They don’t just look alike, they are a carbon copy of each other to the point where it’s actually freaky! The fact that our genes can create doppelgängers shows how strong they really are and that our bodies have found the most natural and complicated way to do copy-paste.

Bright Side would like to show you 20 pairs of people whose resemblance is uncanny.

1. “My father and I at 29”

2. “My paternal lineage, from Italy to Argentina to America. The top is great-grandpa, grandpa and the bottom is my father, then me.”

3. “I’m half Arab-Amazigh and my mom is Italian American. I get told I look a lot like my mom.”

4. “Mom at age 21 and me at age 27”

5. “(L-to-R): maternal grandfather, great-grandfather, 2x great-grandfather.”

6. “My grandfather and my son at the same age”

7. “At age 50, I found my biological father with Ancestry DNA. When we started comparing pictures, this pairing really stood out.”

8. “Dad, me, and my 2 sons at around age 4”

9. “Grandpa and I look very much alike, although my picture here doesn’t seem to represent it that well.”

10. The resemblance is uncanny, even with that hair.

11. “My paternal grandfather’s HS photo compared to me at age 20. I definitely got my father’s genes.”

12. “Grandpa and me, 40 years apart”

13. “My grandmother and her grandmother”

14. “My great-great-grandfather, Private James Timmins vs his only son, my great-grandfather who continued his legacy in WWII”

15. “My dad and his father”

16. “I definitely got most of my dad’s features.”

17. “I look like my great-grandma.”

18. “Grandma and me at age 3”

19. “The resemblance with my great-grandfather — I’m on the right at 5 years old.”

20. “I’ve always been told I was my dad’s twin.”

Do you and your family members have an uncanny resemblance? We’d love to see some pictures!

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