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20 Photos With a Powerful Message That Strike Harder Than Lightning

A photograph is priceless because it speaks an international language. A photographer, either a professional or an amateur one, who feels the moment can take a picture that’s worth more than a thousand words. Our article is about these photos.

Bright Side was really impressed by these piercing pictures. We want you to enjoy them too.

20. “I’m a wedding photographer and the groom this weekend asked for a picture with his best friend who helped him through a dark time in his life. Once a stray, this one-eyed princess knows she is loved.”

19. A high school student meets her dad on a border bridge after he couldn’t attend her graduation.

18. “Today I welcomed my first child into the world. Here’s a photo of me waking up after passing out in the ward.”

17. Mother and daughter crime-fighting duo

16. “I got the wrinkles in my father’s forehead as a tattoo.”

15. Here’s the new Banksy piece. Before you notice its ashes, you think this boy is catching snowflakes.

14. This 13-year-old boy has wanted a cat for years... This is him holding his new cat for the first time.

13. Firefighters after a long work day

12. “My happy daughter with her new hearing aid”

11. A girl admiring a famous soccer player

10. A father walks his son’s prom date into the school. His son passed away in a car accident in May.

9. This small but big heart

8. “My life’s just changed, but that’s OK.”

7. “Follow me.” To the world of plastic?

6. This 53-year-old son with Down Syndrome meeting his father after spending a week apart for the first time ever

5. An abandoned home

4. Welcome to this world, baby!

3. “My wife’s grandma died in her room yesterday. My dog always protected her while she was lonely or scared. He’s been keeping vigil all day, looking for his friend.”

2. “My uncle is 75 and has Parkinson’s. But check out how much he can lift. He told me, ’It’s amazing how far modern medicine has come.’”

1. Memories of a father

Which photo touches you the most?

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