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20+ Photos With Epic Things Happening in the Background

Have you ever realized that some shots taken by accident are often more real than those taken in a studio? Sometimes photos can capture details that make people forget why the picture was even taken in the first place. In some cases, it feels impossible to look at a photograph without laughing out loud.

Bright Side takes these details very seriously because we know that the most exciting scene is often hidden in the background. See it for yourself!

In the battle between beauty and laughter, laughter was victorious — well, at least in this photo.

When your brother knows how to get attention better than you:

When you want to go unnoticed:

While you look at a baby in a puppy costume, somewhere, a sad little Batman is also asking for your attention.

Does envy have a face? Definitely.

A real prince has no right to remain unspotted.

A true friend always helps you take fantastic photos.

This guy has nerves of steel!

This giraffe definitely doesn’t get all the attention.

Do you also want to know what they’ve got on their backs?

When the area to take a selfie is too small:

You can clearly see who gets fewer kisses.

This is exactly what a silent protest looks like.

Apparently the picture is all about these 2 men, but the blonde girl gets all the attention!

And the award for “Best Mom of the Year” goes to this woman.

This is a serious business photo — or at least it should be.

“Now Mom’s Instagram will be bursting with likes.”

You can look at this girl all you want, but Beetlejuice will still be at the center of the picture.

Your younger brother’s watching you...

Everyone smiles within their means.

Wherever your boyfriend goes, you’ll also go.

Kanye West posing in the back...

Don’t you think this cat decided to mimic Prince Harry’s photobomb from earlier on the list?

The boy’s face perfectly shows his attitude toward traditional Christmas greetings.

When you realize how tough the world is:

Bonus: When the prettiest girl is front and center

Which of your shots was “transformed” by a small detail? Feel free to share it below!

Preview photo credit ztothek / twitter