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20 Pictures Proving Hot Weather Gets Even to the Best of Us

The hottest place on Earth known to man is El Azizia, where the temperature can get up to a whopping 136ºF (58ºC). But for some people and creatures it feels like the hottest place on Earth is right where they are.

We at Bright Side love hot summers, yet some days you just want the weather to take it down a notch.

Life of the party

When my Corgi gets hot this is what she does.

Finally had my new pool installed.

Consequences of going out shirtless

Sunbathing is for everyone.

The fourth largest city in Sweden, called Uppsala, is flooded. The Swedes aren’t that concerned.

This German hardware store asking dog owners to bring their dogs inside because it’s too hot for them in the car.

It’s “summertime fashion,” look it up.

Too hot for a backpack

Everybody knows this one, temperature up — hair up.

Unexpected beach guests

When it’s too hot in Shaolin:

A squirrel dealing with the weather

Caught in cooling action

Sir, do you happen to have an air conditioning system?

“God, why is it so hot!?”

Things are melting too.

Oh, hello there.

Enjoying civilization

Mailbox can’t cope.

Which one of those made you want to amp up the AC to the max? Be sure to share in the comments section below!

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