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20 Pictures That Can Fool Your Eyes Better Than Harry Houdini

When we look at a photograph, we immediately make assumptions as to what we’re seeing. It looks like a potato, so it surely has to be one. However, more often than not, it isn’t what it seems. A huge number of variables like the angle or exposure can sometimes confuse your eyes. And the result can be fascinating!

Bright Side brings to you this collection of photos that can trick even the most sharp-eyed people. Get ready to be slightly confused!

1. “A photo I took of a bird through my binoculars looks like a planet.”

2. “These flowers look like tiny hummingbirds!”

3. If you thought this was a sock, sorry, it’s actually spilled lotion.

4. Rose-shaped succulents will confuse all your guests and give a touch of magic to your home.

5. Eating this isn’t advised, since it’s actually a rock.

6. The fog on this window looks like a giant dog.

7. This might seem like a different perspective of a building’s interior, but it’s actually the inside of a violin.

8. On a scale of yes to obviously, how much did you think this frozen puddle was an aerial shot of a landscape?

9. How long did it take you to see a cat and not a panda?

10. Snapdragon flowers after they die weirdly resemble decorative skulls.

11. Look closely to see a pepper and not a tongue.

12. No one shows up in the reflection because this “mirror” is really a hole in the wall.

13. Known as cockscomb, these flowers can sometimes take the shape of a human brain.

14. Don’t worry, no bird meeting was interrupted for this photo of milkweed pods around a cup.

15. Imagine going camping and having your flashlight land on this root at night!

16. This is not a view of Earth from space. It’s just frost on a car.

17. “This statue in Poland got covered in snow and now it looks like Darth Vader.”

18. A 2-dimensional building?

19. “The wind and backlit sunset made my hair appear to be on fire.”

20. We assure you this chain isn’t wooden.

Which of these images do you think was the most fascinating? And, have you ever taken a photo of something that could deceive anyone? Share your thoughts and your own photos with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit -OctopusPrime / Reddit
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