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20+ Pictures That Please the Inner Perfectionist in All of Us

Have you ever wanted to fix the folded edge of a napkin or line up a stack of books evenly? If the answer is yes, then you are probably a perfectionist. We have a feeling you'll be absolutely delighted with some of these perfectly timed coincidences that prove perfection is a very real thing. Check it out with your own eyes!

We at Bright Side found 23 pictures showing what perfection really looks like. We know your inner perfectionist will be very happy!

1. The line on the floor of the parking lot perfectly matches the line on the car.

2. This is what crystal-clear water looks like.

3. A perfectionist's ice cubes.

4. This perfectly contained shadow that will make your inner perfectionist jump for joy.

5. Have you ever managed to take the cupcake out of its wrapper without leaving even a tiny bit behind?

6. This is just some ice in a latte that you could stare at forever.

7. Just enjoy this perfect picture.

8. These perfect balls made of fluff from the inside of the clothes dryer.

9. A perfect match.

10. This will happen if you give a construction kit to a perfectionist:

11. Have you ever seen a doughnut more perfect than this one?

12. Reflection in the double-pane window.

13. You can look at it forever.

14. Pepperoni looks perfect inside the onion ring.

15. One of the best moments during the hoсkey game.

16. A perfect drop of moisturizer.

17. Who would have a thought that snow sliding down from the roof could be so beautiful?

18. My aunt's hens lay eggs with in the perfect gradient.

19. A table fit for a perfectionist.

20. We'd like to see how this person puts up their wallpaper.

21. This is the most gorgeous bagel the world has ever seen.

22. When something like this happens, somewhere in the world a perfectionist is screaming with delight.

23. Would you let your children near such a plate?

Do you strive for perfection even in the little things? Share with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Greenxdd/reddit
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