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20+ Pictures That Show How Ordinary People Can Make a Difference in This World

If you can’t single-handedly solve global problems, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference in the world. Sometimes, all we need to do in order to make change happen is spread love, tell a stranger they’re beautiful, help someone in need, or clean our surroundings! So, next time you put a smile on someone’s face, know that you helped make the world a better place.

We at Bright Side learned from these beautiful selfless stories that making a difference begins with doing something that doesn’t just benefit yourself.

1. “This man was sketching people on the subway and telling them they were beautiful.”

2. A Moroccan soccer player protecting a little girl from the rain

3. Beaches included!

4. “The host at our restaurant stopped his work to teach my nephew how to fold a better paper airplane.”

5. “My dad nursing a hummingbird back to health”

6. “A random Reddit user sent me this box of pens so I could avoid the cost of experimenting with my artwork!”

7. “My coworker scooped up these baby birds off the ground with an empty Kleenex box and taped it to a wall nearby.”

8. Everyone knows a pic of a cat makes everything better!

9. “My 50th blood donation tonight. Onward to 100!”

10. “This 89-year-old woman has knit over 450 blankets for shelter dogs.”

11. A city road crew saw a little boy wearing a reflective vest watching them work and asked him if he wanted to help.

12. “My daughter donating the 12 inches of hair she’d grown for Wigs for Kids”

13. “My grandma knits dolls for children in developing countries.”

14. “A 9-year-old girl builds shelters on wheels for the homeless and grows food for them as well.”

15. A protestor holding his umbrella over a journalist

16. Alex Assali, a Syrian refugee, cooks food in the street for the homeless in Germany.

17. This dry cleaning business helps the unemployed find jobs.

18. A genuine, contagious smile and a big heart!

When he’s not working at a nursing home, Decaris Hunter is out spreading the love. He lost his house during Hurricane Michael but was still out there immediately after to bring smiles to everyone’s face.

19. Firefighters holding up a hose for this wheelchair user

20. “Thanks for the warning during my jog!”

21. A swing for wheelchairs in a public park in Singapore

22. “I spotted this guy in Paris helping his pupper cool off in the massive heatwave.”

23. A man in Mumbai and a team of volunteers collected 11 million pounds of decomposing trash from a beach.

24. 2 professors installed bright pink seesaws across the US-Mexico border as a sign of unity amid growing divides.

Are you feeling as inspired as we are? Please share with us below any selfless acts you’ve done or that others have done for you. Let’s keep spreading the love and changing the world!

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