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19 Piece-of-Cake Facts Most People Still Have No Idea About

No matter how many books you read, there is always something that can totally change your perception of even the most ordinary things. A Reddit user asked this question, “Which 2 and 2 did you just recently put together?” and people shared their new discoveries. You may even feel awkward while reading some of them, because they’re a surprise to you too.

Honestly speaking, many of these replies were pretty unexpected, even for us at Bright Side — and we write about all sorts of things, every day. This article includes not only the user’s discoveries, but also some of our own.

  • The blacks of the eye are black because there’s nothing there. It’s just a hole. You’re seeing the inside of the eyeball, but you can’t see anything because there’s no light in there. © Zorafin

  • That the division symbol (÷) is a fraction with dots representing the numerator and denominator. © spectre_2
  • Sonic the Hedgehog’s best friend is named Miles Prower. “Miles Per Hour.” Why did it take me 30 years to realize this? © TheMike85
  • Pancakes are cakes made in a pan. © citizenofgaia
  • That dog units are called K-9 because they are canines. © Lars2500
  • Macintosh is a type of apple. Now I see why Apple named their computers this way. © exuseus

  • Sweatbands worn on your wrist are used for wiping the sweat off your forehead... I thought they were to keep the sweat from dripping down your arms and onto your hands. © YaBooni

  • The second pilot is not some kind of assistant. He is just as much a pilot as the first one.
  • The stripes on the back window of a car heat it. They are metal threads that transmit electricity. © emmyjoe311
  • Alphabet = Alpha Beta. Apparently, everyone knows this. I’m in my forties... The name comes from the first 2 letters of the Greek alphabet. Most languages have this word, and it sounds similar regardless of the language it’s spoken in. © SaskatoonRJ
  • Not extremely recently, but it took me 21 years to notice that my birthday is exactly 9 months after Valentine’s Day. I’m a product of love. According to science, this is not for sure, but the probability is very high. Try to calculate, maybe 9 months before you were born, it was some interesting date. © ginelectonica
  • Hens don’t need a rooster to lay eggs. More than that, we mostly eat these types of eggs. The eggs made by a hen without a rooster have fewer calories, but a chick can’t hatch from them. © SlummyBummy
  • Marshal Mathers = M&M = Eminem. © erbewhi
  • The “I” and “O” on the power switch of a computer (and many other electronics) is actually a 1 and 0 for the binary settings “On” and “Off.” It is easier to memorize if you realize this fact. If a button serves for both functions (like on a remote) both signs will be there. © Solest044
  • Up until recently, I did not know that Ctrl + Backspace cleared a whole word — thinking about the number of times I’ve unnecessarily hit that key in my life makes me physically sick. © BasiKs
  • The holes at the bottom of a padlock are there to allow water to leak out.
  • I’m 32. I didn’t realize soap doesn’t kill bacteria. It just makes it slippery so the bacteria wash off. My wife had a good laugh at me when I realized that. Molecules have interesting properties: one side repels water and the other one attracts it (like a magnet). So, when washing hands, the first side collects all the bacteria and dirt and the second one is ready to remove all the mess once the water stars pouring over them. © islanders571
  • Ray Bans ban rays from your eyes. I’m embarrassed to admit I thought a guy named Raymond Ban owned a sunglasses business. © KarlMalownz
  • Saul Goodman = it’s all good, man. I’m mind-blown. It clicked after watching all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad. Twice. © besteni

Let’s continue this list: what simple things have you realized just recently?

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