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20+ Priceless Shots That Couldn’t Have Been Timed Better

Time is limitless and uncontrollable, and it’s rare, if not almost impossible, to capture those perfect moments. There are lucky instances though, where sheer luck comes into play and captures something you couldn’t ever have imagined seeing.

The Bright Side team has found such moments, and the photos below are enough to make you laugh, gasp, or just sit back and say, “Wow!”

1. Keep those innocent eyes away from her...

2. “Best accidental photobomb ever”

3. If jealousy was personified, I think Andy Murray would take the trophy.

4. “Middle child syndrome develops early.”

5. Being photobombed is one thing, but being photobombed by a celebrity like Michael Cera is on a whole other level...

6. “No! That’s my human!”

7. What a beautiful wedding photo...of the best man.

8. “The struggles of being a substitute teacher”

9. At that moment, he realized he was no longer the baby...

10. “Maybe she’s barn with it.”

11. Let’s be honest, no one can resist Rihanna.

12. “Is that judgment or admiration I see?”

13. “Somebody had sausage envy!”

14. “Snapped a lucky shot of a truck trying to steal the sun.”

15. That poor guy wears his broken heart on his face!

16. Homer will always spot Marge...even in the most unlikely of places!

17. “He doesn’t even try to hide it.”

18. “If I stare at the pizza long enough, I might get some!”

19. There’s plenty more fish in the sea...

20. “That moment you realize you’re not the only child anymore”

21. “The Brad Paisley concert got a little wild.”

22. “I hope she still loves me.”

23. “Pretty happy with how our pregnancy announcement photo turned out.”

Which immaculate photo moment was your favorite? Let us know in the comments and post any of your own pictures where the timing couldn’t have been better.

Preview photo credit BrookeCyphers / Imgur
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