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20 Prom Invitations That Are So Creative, They Can Make Anyone Say Yes

Teens try their best to not spend prom alone. For this, there’s a tradition of proposals that gives them the opportunity to show their feelings and creativity. There’s even a special National Promposal Day on March 11th. And according to a survey, teens are eager to spend an average $324 on a memorable proposal.

Bright Side found some cute and funny promposals and is ready to share them with you. And there’s a hilarious bonus at the end of the article.

1. “Going to prom with the most MARVELous boy”

2. “But did your prom date run 5.5 miles to ask you?”

3. A perfect way to invite a Beauty and the Beast fan

4. Hang with me at prom?

5. Dying to go to prom

6. Post-its can help out in any situation.

7. Dew the honor

8. An edible invitation

9. Pawfect prom

10. This guy understands the art of makeup.

11. “Apparently I’m WANTED.”

12. “Will you GOAT to Prom with me?” This sweet guy’s girlfriend just loves goats.

13. Follow the arrows

14. A cupcake question

15. I choose you!

16. Cinderella test

17. It’s impossible to refuse.

18. Superhero story

19. A priceless idea for Star Wars fans

20. No way to say “No.”

Bonus: Burger King made a promposal to Wendy’s...

...and she said “Yes!”

Which of these ideas do you like the most? Would you say “Yes” without hesitation? Share your opinion in the comments.

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