20 Proofs That There’s Only 3 Kinds of People in the World

Every person is unique, but there are things that unite all of us, blurring the lines between us.

To prove this point, Bright Side offers you 20 pieces of evidence showing that humanity can be divided into just 3 categories. Read and smile with us.

There are 3 kinds of women in a relationship...

...and 3 kinds of men.

The choice doesn't depend on the time of year.

Beach people take pictures, meditate, and are scared of getting sunburned.

At every party there are people who have fun, are sad, and are tired.

The morning after.

There are no people who don't like fries. The question is, how do they eat them?

And where do they eat them?

The rule of 3 also works for photographers...

...and for those taking a selfie.

Before the exam...

...and during the exam.

Only this kind of relationship with a blanket is possible.

The rule of 3 also works for fashion.

It seems simple. But even here there are 3 options.

Valentine's Day

Right now on Snapchat.

The system works even for submarines.

It's all true because the world really has only

And we can always find a way out of even the most difficult situation.

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