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20 Rare Natural Phenomena That Prove Mother Earth Doesn’t Need Photoshop to Impress Us

Natural phenomena are all around us if you just know where to look. Everyone’s heard of rainbows, but light, water, and air can create really powerful images — from mirages, to halos, to mock suns, and so much more.

We at Bright Side love photography and nature, so we are combining them both to show you powerful natural phenomena without any special effects or lighting.

1. Looks like a storm is brewing...

2. This snowflake looks like a work of art.

3. “The sea is hidden behind a sea of clouds.”

4. This photographer noticed a circle of light around the moon... it was a 22° halo.

5. This ice disk could almost be a portable skating rink.

6. Catching a glimpse of a rare anticyclonic tornado is every storm chaser’s dream.

7. Catch a wave... and a rainbow...

8. “The converging lines of the plowed land made it look like the very center of the Earth.”

9. These lightning bolts almost look like dancing stick figures.

10. Fog covers this landscape like giant cotton candy.

11. “Moonland in India is a natural phenomenon caused by lakes that drained out of these mountains, creating these patterns.”

12. The coastline is nature’s oldest divider.

13. Sunlight transforms the Grand Prismatic Spring into something beautiful.

14. These Russian light pillars are halos “formed from light reflections on ice crystals in the air.”

15. Here’s a real life pink lake!

16. If you ever thought rainbows always came out in the same color set, here’s a completely red one.

17. China’s rainbow mountains almost look like something out of a fairytale.

18. The sky above the Basilica de Jesus in Peru is lit by a triple rainbow.

19. It turns out that Chicken Little was right... the sky is falling!

20. Here is a Fata Morgana mirage caught on film.

Do you have any breathtaking, surprising photos of nature? Share with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit hphovercraft77 / Reddit
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