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20 Rarities That Would Fit Right Into an Adventure Movie

For ages, people have reported seeing inexplicable phenomena of the strangest kind which include falling meteorites, fish and frog rain, and even golf ball showers. These are surely rare findings, but the world keeps proving that it still holds a small bit of wonder. Have you ever seen an egg that turns into a marble, a leaf that falls into pixels or a dog that looks like a Van Gogh painting? Stay with us if you want to see these unearthly shots taken on the most normal of days.

Here at Bright Side, we couldn’t believe our eyes after looking at these pictures. Will you feel as excited as we did while looking at these?

1. “This is how your house would look without a trash duct. It reminds me of a time portal!”

2. “This car wash has a bubble machine that looks like molten lava when in use.”

3. “Innards of a hard-boiled egg after it was neglected in the fridge for a year. It has the consistency of a marble.”

4. An extraterrestrial beehive

5. This leaf is falling into pixels!

6. Perfectly shaped snow balls on a river bank

7. “My dog’s face looks like a Van Gogh painting.”

8. This house is being absorbed by a black hole.

9. Inside a camel’s mouth

10. This well-timed shot turned a rugby player into Superman.

11. Nothing extraordinary, just a starfish sitting on a windowsill...

12. “I had no idea birds could look like that!”

13. This cloud looks like a hand caressing a house.

14. Nature will always find a way.

15. This cat looks unearthly!

16. Gigantic alien-looking mushrooms

17. This spider web makes drops levitate.

18. This scenery looks like it’s straight out of a computer game!

19. Lake Baikal in winter — isn’t it amazing?

20. This halo turns the whole picture into a photo of an alien arrival!

Which of these pictures made you think to yourself, “How is this even possible?” Have you ever seen anything as extraordinary in your life? Feel free to share your impressions and pics in the comments below!

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